HR & IR Advice

The areas of employment law, human resources, industrial relations and issues of employee pay and conditions are complex. Not only is the law difficult to understand and constantly changing, but it is dealing with individuals and unique workplaces. Having an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable lawyer on hand can really help a business in this area. Whether it is dealing with employment agreements, Enterprise Agreements, employee disputes, application of HR policies, misconduct allegations, strategies on managing difficult employees, Greigs can help.

What we can help you with:

  • Drafting, interpreting and advising on employment contracts, terms and conditions, employment policies and remuneration.
  • Advice, guidance & assistance on Enterprise Agreement negotiations.
  • Guidance on managing performance & conduct issues including termination of employment.
  • Workplace Investigations (e.g. misconduct, alleged workplace bullying, harassment or discrimination).
  • Training for supervisors and managers on dealing with poor conduct or performance and termination of employment.
  • Strategic advice on major workplace initiatives affecting employees.
  • Developing plans on how to deal with a difficult employee.
  • Reviewing pay and conditions to ensure the employer is paying above the minimum legal entitlements.

Some examples of recent work undertaken:

  • Representing and settling a claim for paid leave by a former casual employee.
  • Assisting a contracting business with a new Enterprise Agreement.
  • Discussing Enterprise Agreement strategies with a plumbing business resulting in an agreement to maintain the current agreement.
  • Providing a Board and Executive briefing on Enterprise Agreements and assessment of the business’s current position for a large hospitality group.
  • Providing a set of template employment contracts for a financial services business.
  • Execute a plan to negotiate with current and former employees of a charity for payments to address the incorrect (and underpayment) wage rates.
  • Reviewing the current employment contract and rates of pay against minimum award entitlements for a mining services business.
  • Provision of training to supervisors on how to manage employee performance and conduct.