Workplace Safety Matters

Any serious workplace accident, and specifically any fatality, is an extremely distressing and stressful event and quickly becomes demanding and potentially overwhelming. It is a serious event, with very serious consequences requiring prompt, competent legal assistance from day 1. Greigs assists from that moment on, through investigations, statutory inspector interactions, and possible prosecution or coronial inquests.

What we can help you with:

  • Immediate advice, support, guidance and assistance following a serious workplace safety incident including fatal accidents.
  • Representation and advice on safety prosecutions and coronial inquests.
  • Advice on compliance with safety regulation.
  • Assistance with managing regulator demands or directions in safety matters.
  • Guidance to executives, managers and directors in safety management and personal liability / obligations.

Some examples of recent work undertaken:

  • Representing and advising a shop / office fit-out company following the death of a 17 year old employee of a subcontractor at the H&M store fit out in the Perth CBD. Assistance provided from the day of the incident onwards. Following a charge under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, provided specific advice and then represented the client in a plea to mitigate penalty after the client pleaded guilty to the charge.
  • Assisting a client following a major workplace safety incident (explosion of a High voltage electrical switchgear) resulting in multiple injuries including fatalities on the immediate actions and an investigation into the incident. The client was found by WorkSafe to have no case to answer.
  • Providing advice and representation to both a company and its managing director in relation to the death of a non-employee at an industrial site in Welshpool.
  • Providing advice and then representation to a farming company and its managing director in relation to charges for failing to provide a safe place of work (resulting in 3 fingers being severed in a grain auger).
  • Gave guidance and support to a company and one its employees involved in a forklift fatality in Queensland.
  • Engaged a Board of Directors and the Executive team of a national company for a 2 hour briefing on developments in workplace safety law and its direct impact on directors and officers.
  • Provided training to a client’s supervisors throughout Australia on their role as safety leaders.
  • Conducting full day workshops for senior executives on a fatal accident including a full mock court activity.
  • Provide independent legal representation to individual employees in relation to interviews by WorkSafe.