Termination of Employment

Any termination of employment is a stressful event. Whether it is the process of considering an employee’s performance or conduct and whether it justifies termination, or in responding to a claim that the termination of employment was wrongful, unfair or flawed in some way. Greigs can help you get the process right prior to termination and can provide advice and representation after a termination if claims are made against the employer.

What we can help you with:

  • Guidance on managing performance & conduct issues including termination of employment.
  • Preparation for managers prior to conducting disciplinary or termination meetings.
  • Assessment and advice about the merits of any unfair dismissal or general protection claim.
  • Assistance (and representation) in unfair dismissals, general protection claims, breach of contract claims.

Some examples of recent work undertaken:

  • Representing an industrial company in an unfair dismissal matter and in the Fair Work Commission, resulting in several Full Bench appeals within the same matter. Claim was dismissed.
  • Provided advice and representation to a significant medical research and services company in relation to a Federal Circuit Court claim by a former employee that her redundancy was on the grounds of her making a complaint about her supervisor (a general protection right) which was resolved on terms satisfactory to the company.
  • Successfully defending an unfair dismissal claim by a childcare worker against her employer.
  • Successful defending an unfair dismissal claim made by an employee who resigned and then claimed he was forced to resign on the grounds of what he believed.
  • Successful defending a mining services company against a claim of unfair dismissal where the grounds of dismissal were serious misconduct related to timesheet fraud.
  • Provided a mining services company Board and CEO with advice & guidance about the poor performance of an executive employee and then planning and coaching of the CEO for the termination meeting.
  • Represent an industrial services client in relation to an equal opportunity claim that the former employee’s redundancy was linked to her pregnancy.